Don’t live in pain

Pain is a perception – nothing more, nothing less. Understanding pain allows you to gain control of your care. Freedom from pain is not only possible – with the right tools it is probable.

Taking Back Control: The 5 Stages

Back in Control: A Spine Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain is a book that shares the strategies learned by the author during his own journey out of chronic pain. This website is the action plan, which evolved from many patients’ successes. It will guide you along a transformative path from suffering to empowerment and vitality.


Stage 1

Address anxiety.

Pain increases anxiety. By using Mind Body principles alternate neurological pathways are created to diminish it.


Stage 2

Deal with anger.

Being trapped by pain is frustrating. You must break loose of your anger to move forward.


Stage 3

Reactive to creative.

You have been in a survival mode. Free yourself from your painful past and create a full life.


Stage 4

Take back your life.

Chronic pain isolates you. Re-establish a nurturing home and valuable friendships.


Stage 5

Live a rich, full life.

Connect with the beauty of life – awakened, recharged, and full of hope.
Your pain will be a distant memory.

Getting Started

DOCC (Defined Organized Comprehensive Care)

  • There are five stages.
    • Go through all the steps and read the links.
    • Engage in the tools – just reading will not solve your pain
  • Many people experience significant changes within four to six weeks.
    • This website evolved out of many people’s successes.
  1. The DOCC starting point – A few key exercises will begin your healing journey
  2. Charlie’s Story – After 16 physicians in three months without success, he has been pain free for years.
  3. Understanding Pain: What to Do About it in Five Minutes – Australian video that provides a concise overview of chronic pain.
  4. Background of the DOCC project – This process evolved out of my own 15-year battle with chronic pain.
  5. Read The Talent Codewhich illustrates how the brain lays down myelinated circuits with repetition. It is a remarkably enjoyable book describing this process in athletes, artists, and musicians.


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